Thanks, 2020

Marielle Ablaneda
2 min readDec 28, 2020

I’m just gonna go ahead and say it.

Thanks, 2020.

It has truly been one hell of a year. So much has happened and it’s already December. I know most of us are still reeling from all the events that went down and it’s been tough. To others, it might’ve probably been their year but to some, it’s not. People have lost their loved ones and we have all the right to be sad, frustrated and disappointed. It wasn’t a great year for me either but despite all that, I would still like to thank 2020 for all the many lessons.

Thanks, 2020 because you’ve taught the world to slow down. You may have pulled families apart but this has made us value their relationship with them even more. You made us realize what we were missing and connected us in more ways than one. Ironic, isn’t it?

Thanks, 2020 because you’ve taught us how to fight. You made us strong in the face of adversity. None of the big changes would’ve happened if it weren’t for the setbacks. You gave us the courage to fight for the truth and allowed us to better ourselves.

Thanks, 2020 because you’ve given the Earth a chance to heal. You have also given us a chance to heal as humans. You’ve given Mother Nature the opportunity to rebuild herself while the world slowed down. You made us understand how important it is to give back to nature whilst on the brink of global warming.

And last but definitely not the least,

Thanks, 2020 because you’ve taught us to value our health more. You’ve managed to raise awareness on how to treat ourselves better. You’ve made us realize the importance of keeping our bodies in good condition. Washing hands really do save lives, no? (Reminder: Don’t forget to wear your masks and sanitize your hands! Prevention is always better than cure. PLEASE follow health protocols.)

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the frontliners who are working hard each and everyday. I know this act of gratefulness isn’t enough for everything that you’ve done but if there’s one thing we could do, it’s to show our never-ending support and gratitude to all of you.

A few days from now, 2021 will enter. Let this year serve as a lesson but also an interesting reminder to look back on. Perhaps it’s not the most enjoyable memory to reminisce but we can’t change the fact that it happened. We can and will move on from this.

I just hope next year will be better. We all want next year to be better.



Marielle Ablaneda

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